The Firm Wins on Appeal against Manatt Phelps

By Gerard Fox Law Firm News October 01, 2018

As Law360 reported here, California Court of Appeals unanimously affirmed the Firm’s trial victory over Manatt Phelps & Phillips LLP.  The jury below awarded the Firm’s client, Gregg Ziskind & Associates Inc. (“GZA”), its legal recruiting fee for bringing to Manatt its current managing partner-elect, Ms. Donna Wilson.  On appeal, Manatt argued that there was no evidence justifying the jury verdict that GZA and Manatt entered into a legally binding contract and that Manatt prevented GZA from completing its part of the bargain when Manatt chose to work through another recruiter—after GZA introduced Wilson to Manatt and secured her interest in meeting with Manatt.

“There is substantial evidence that Manatt prevented, hindered, or unfairly interfered with [GZA]’s ability to perform under the contract,” wrote the Court of Appeals.  As such, the Court of Appeals rejected Manatt’s attack on the evidence introduced below, including testimony by GZA’s expert witness, finding it credible and substantial.  Furthermore, the court rejected Manatt’s complaints about jury instructions, holding that the instructions as given covered all of Manatt’s defenses and could not have caused any prejudice to Manatt.

GZA’s victory on appeal will bring to conclusion the six years of arduous litigation endured by the Firm’s client over its duly earned recruiting fees.  This latest victory secured by the Firm’s managing partner, Gerard P. Fox, and the head of its Appeals and Critical Motions Department, Marina V. Bogorad, embodies the type of results that we consistently bring to the table when representing our clients.  #WINNING  

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