Our Rates

The Firm's cost-effective rates are attractive to our clients because of our dedication to impact and efficiency. Our lawyers want to add tangible value to all of our clients’ businesses and strive to help set their future goals. In meeting potential clients, we do not start billing immediately, but instead are happy to offer initial work-ups of the issues at hand so that preliminary options can be discussed free of charge.

Hourly Rates

The Firm generally employs an hourly billing rate structure. Lawyers and paralegals track time spent on each matter; time is billed in short increments and rounded down when in between increments.  

Each lawyer has an assigned and disclosed billing rate per hour to ensure complete transparency with our clients.

Costs advanced on behalf of the client include fees for copying, messengers, online research via Westlaw, and filing fees.

Flat Rates

The Firm may charge a flat, up front rate for work done on certain matters. This flat rate may be paid up front or a payment plan structure can be utilized.

  • Partner $575.00 - $700.00 per hour
  • Of Counsel $475.00 - $570.00 per hour
  • Associate $295.00 - $470.00 per hour
  • Paralegal $125.00 - $250.00 per hour

Keep in Mind

  • The firm does require retainers be paid up front. Retainers vary from case to case but typically are no less than $2,500.00 and no more than $15,000.00.
  • We remind all our clients that when considering the potential cost of prosecuting and defending a case, the hourly rate is only one component of the equation. It is equally important to consider the hours to be worked and charged.
  • We do not bill to answer quick questions of any General Counsel or individual client.
  • We look to introduce our clients to opportunities. We want to understand our clients' businesses and to add value to them in any way we can. We care about our clients, their companies, and about helping them achieve their goals. 

Questions? Contact Us

Is there a specific matter you'd like to discuss with one of our attorneys? Do you have questions about our practice? Send us a message and we will get back to you shortly.