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Gerard Fox built the Firm because he wanted a different kind of law firm for the new generation of businesses. He brought in lawyers from the top law schools in the country and from the top law firms nationally and internationally. He attracted attorneys who share in his vision that the practice of law requires not only hard work and persistence, but innovation, enthusiasm, and an unbridled commitment to excellence.

Gerard Fox Law was created to be a law firm for the new generation, one which departs from both the traditional mindset and traditional office atmosphere found in most firms. Gerard Fox began by hiring a board of advisers of CEOs and other business professionals who could offer insight on how a firm can efficiently and effectively meet the legal needs of its clients through a fresh and business-oriented perspective. The firm has studied leading industry companies and startups, and has internally implemented an office atmosphere modeled after those companies’ successes. The firm believes that investing into its attorneys’ personal well being allows them to remain at the top of their practice and provide the best possible legal services to their clients.

Gerard Fox Law will provide you with exceptional legal advice, offered from a fresh, diverse, and business-oriented perspective, and the Firm's lawyers will endeavor to get to know you and your business.

Our Culture

  • Diversity

    Gerard Fox Law is diverse in every way and manner, and our diversity makes the Firm thrive. Our diversity is invaluable to our success because it allows us to see issues from every vantage point, to speak to our clients in their native tongue, and to relate to jurors in court or international deal partners in a manner that is respectful and direct.

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  • Innovation

    Our rates demonstrate that the Firm values productivity and cost-effectiveness above all. Our lawyers want to add tangible value to all of our clients’ businesses and to help set their future goals. Our clients come to us for more than their legal issues, and we welcome the opportunity to serve them in all aspects of their businesses.

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  • Excellence

    Gerard Fox Law is an elite law firm that handles issues across countless industries, cities, and courts. Our in house training program ensures that both our associates and more experienced lawyers continually build upon their already-exceptional skills. Our Summer Program seeks aspiring lawyers at the tops of their classes to join our ranks and to learn from our roster of accomplished legal minds. 

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  • Prestige

    The Firm is selected to represent our clients because we are undoubtedly the best lawyers for the job. Internally, the Firm studies leading industry companies with strong employee ratings and has implemented systems modeled after those companies. Gerard Fox Law invests materially in our attorneys’ personal well being, career growth, and day-to-day happiness.

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  • Everything You Should Know Before Going To Court

    Have your rights been violated?  Have you been rear-ended and are you unable to get reimbursed? Has a neighbor built their fence on your side of the property? Have you been fired unfairly? Has someone harmed your business? Are you considering filing suit? If so – or if you're facing a lawsuit as a defendant – then you need Sue the Bastards!, a comprehensive inside look at how litigation actually works. 




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