Sports Law

Gerard Fox Law’s Sports Law Group includes some of the most respected and experienced lawyers who have worked in the sports industry with clients ranging from amateur athletic associations to professional teams and individual athletes from blue-chip high school prospects to noteworthy retired athletes.  Our Sports Law lawyers have counseled clients on a variety of issues ranging from athlete estate and transition planning, to purchase and sale of franchises.

Our Sports Law Group provides a wide range of legal services varying in complexity and interests including issues with agency representation and disputes, individual legal issues facing athletes, coaches, and front office personnel and their families, employment and independent contractor relationships, venue leasing and rental, sponsorships, licensing, and sports litigation and dispute resolution.

Our lawyers have worked on cases facing CIF, NCAA, NFL, MLB, NBA, and foreign league athletes. Our lawyers have special knowledge regarding each of the four major sports’ collective bargaining agreements, and our Group includes one of the leading attorneys working on issues facing sports officials and their associations.

While some law firms advertise they handle sports industry cases, Gerard Fox Law is one of the very few firms that has first-hand experience in sports from on-field, front office, and legal perspectives to give comprehensive advice to our athlete and sports industry clients.

  • Advising and Drafting of Estate Planning, Domestic Service, and Use of Name, Image, and Likeness Documents for Athletes
  • Negotiation and Preparation of Sponsorship, Endorsement, and Advertising Agreements
  • Negotiation, Preparation, and Dispute Resolution Involving Agents under the UAAA and Specific State and Union Regulations
  • Negotiating and Preparation of Venue Lease and Use Agreements
  • Brand and Intellectual Property Licensing
  • Counseling the Foundations and Non-profits of Individual Athletes and Independent Organizations
  • Setup and Operation of Sports Camps and Clinics
  • Asset Protection for Sports Professionals
  • Representing Parties in Disciplinary Hearings by Leagues, Teams, or Associations
  • Representing Athletes and Agents in Union Arbitration and Grievance Hearings
  • Representing Sports Officials and Sports Official’s Associations